Friday, July 22, 2011

Dial M for Murdoch

Phone hacking crimes committed by Murdoch’s foot soldiers brings all the intrigue and conspiracy of that Alfred Hitchcock 1954 thriller, “Dial M for Murder”. Laced with mystery and drama, the ever widening scandal threatens to contaminate the highest echelons of governments around the world.

Bill Moyers, one of the greatest journalists of all time, more accurately portrays Rupert Murdoch as the Antichrist. In this June 2007 clip video Moyers describes the vileness of Murdoch's corrupting influence on media and politics. Murdoch, both feared and courted by the rich and powerful across the world, cleverly conceals his hidden agenda beneath a mask of salacious media, while masquerading as a free market capitalist. Unfortunately, he is anything but harmless! Rupert Murdoch's destructive influences have resulted in the steady rise of neo-conservative mainstream media around the world peddling a distinct brand of crony capitalism. The cumulative effect is warmongering over resources in developing countries, especially in the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America, that has resulted in widespread death and destruction.

Murdoch supports Bush (2000)
The neo-conservative agenda of Murdoch’s media empire greatly aided Bush in winning the corrupt 2000 US presidential election and holding onto two terms to execute their neo-conservative agenda. Bush’s razor thin “win”, gave America, once the beacon of democracy, the dubious honor of finally attaining Banana Republic status in the eyes of the world. In 2003, Murdoch turned his dogs of war loose in one of the many the newsrooms of this media empire, Fox News, and in collaboration with the Bush-military-industrial machine, were directly instrumental in initiating two prolonged wars in the Middle East that has killed and injured millions, irreparably destroyed American international standing, and the American economy closer to near financial ruin. Also in 2003, he deliberately mislead the public into believing that invading Iraq will ultimately result in oil coming down to $20 per barrel! The subsequent misguided Bush economic strategy of lowering interest rates to almost one percent created the domino effect of a false economic boom fueled by the property bubble, followed by the sub-prime crisis which triggered a worldwide recession that will most likely still wreak havoc for decades to come. US author and blogger, David Swanson covers it best in his investigative writings - on how Murdoch colluded with US President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australian Prime Minister John Howard and used his media to sound the drumbeats of war just before the invasion of Iraq.

Murdoch attacks Obama (2009)
Prolonging the war was essential to generate obscene profits for the Bush-military-industrial machine complex and Murdoch's rich and powerful buddies in the oil business. So its not surprise that Murdoch's support of the McCain-Palin candidacy resulted in increasing attacks on Obama and his family before the 2009 US presidential elections. A sampling of his extreme
views include:
* Murdoch calls Obama a 60s style communist
* Murdoch actually agrees with one of his Fox News minions that Obama is a racist! btw. this is similar tactic to the charges of "black racism" leveled at the ANC government by many white South Africans.
* Murdoch’s Fox News ratchets up the tempo of personal attacks against Obama and his family just before the presidential elections. Obama was forced to meet secretly with Murdoch to actually warn him of the repercussions of these unwarranted poisonous attacks from his rabid employees.

Murdoch supports David Cameron (2010)
The fact that Andy Coulson was a former reporter for Murdoch's News Of the World and then became the Director of Communication for British PM David Cameron is no coincidence! Further proof that Murdoch had his tentacles embedded in the highest echelons of the British Government. Just as the Bush-military-industrial machine turned its sights to oil-rich Iraq after his election, David Cameron's recent presidency ushered in yet another oil-crusade. This time, to satiate the thirst of Britain, France and other European countries for cheap oil in the coming decades. Libya is now bearing the brunt of their warmongering.

Rupert “Crocodile Dundee” Murdoch
Of course, as an Australian, Murdoch practically owns the entire Australian media establishment so its no surprise that most Australian politicians are in his back-pocket! When will the people of the Banana Republic of Australia wake up to this systemic corruption?

So how does one even begin to quantify the evilness and destructive nature of Murdoch’s empire in our world? Instigating wars, peddling crony capitalism, propagating racism, corrupting democratic processes, desecrating the memories of victims of war and terrorism, and recently, possibly causing the death of an innocent little schoolgirl, Milly Dowler

A few of his minions falling on their swords and their hollow apologies are meaningless, since Murdoch’s stranglehold over international media persists. Just as monopolies are inherently bad for capitalism, his grip on mainstream media across the world is a threat to world peace and democracy. Just a peek at at what is publicly known about his vast media empire reveals a staggering media conglomerate with a global footprint.

One small example of the reprehensible tactics employed by Murdoch's media empire, is the recent attempt at damage control from the phone hacking scandal - The Times, engaged in the age old technique to trying to deflect public attention by fabricating a "corruption in the third world" cartoon, depicting a group of starving Somalian children where one of the children says, "I've had a bellyful of phone-hacking."
This constant negative portrayal of Africa has now an intrinsic part of the neo-conservative media agenda. BTW. Similar racist tactics are used by our very own South African media conglomerate to paint our government as utterly corrupt to deflect attention away from the real underlying causes of our vast socioeconomic disparity along racial lines.

Now lets wait and see if the FBI and the US Department of Justice have the courage to unearth the many skeletons in the dungeons of Murdoch media mansions. The hacktivist community are salivating at the opportunity to plumb the depths of the electronic treasure trove of Murdoch’s empire to uncover more damming evidence that shows that Murdoch, together with his mini-me James Murdoch, were complicit in the nefarious activities of their top lieutenants around the world. Murdoch needs to spend some serious jail-time in the US to acclimatize him to his imminent afterlife. But hey, there’s also a high likelihood that Americans will finally get back their beloved Wall Street Journal if the US authorities break up his media mafia!

The real irony however is, convicting Rupert Murdoch for the crime of contravening the phone laws is a bit like how the mafia boss Al Capone, one of the most ruthless heads of organized crime, was finally nailed for tax fraud! Anyway, at least there is a special place in Hell reserved for someone like Rupert Murdoch.


  1. Whereby you judge, shall you be judged.. not my words, but from one way wiser!

    How can the potential of 500,000 children starving to death be labelled simply as a "diversion"?

    Corruption is corruption, whether it is the Apartheid System, the ANC Get Rich Quick System or the Head In The Sand Journalism System.

    All of these will be judged and found wanting in time - you correctly assume Hell is waiting.

  2. @Anonymous
    Since when did Murdoch care about the "POTENTIAL of 500,000 children starving to death"?
    You inane comment shows where your loyalties truly lie.

  3. Thanks for your courteous response. This is clearly not a place for well reasoned, intelligent discussion.

  4. Indeed,indeed, anonymous.
    I admit to occasionally visiting this blog for some light comic relief.

    I see that Harris is a fan of the Huffington Post, perhaps as some sort of antidote to the "constant negative portrayal of Africa has (sic) now an intrinsic part of the neo-conservative media agenda".

    I don't know about that.

    Not exactly flattering stuff.

  5. Verbal diarrhea, Harris

  6. Ever been to Les Visibles' SmokingMirrors Blogspot? I get the feeling you may find it more than a little interesting if you haven't. Keep up the good work. Tazo.

  7. Wasn't sure how else to reach you, so I figured your blog would be as good a spot as any...

    We've bumped heads on a few occasions on Thought Leader and it's because of this that I figured I'd post this link about what's happening in Libya.

    I think you'll agree that it's quite... nasty: